Radio Interview

Because I got the NZ Winston Churchill Memorial Fellowship I have been invited for an interview yesterday at the radio station: “Plain FM, Christchurch Now.”

radio interview

We are encouraged by the Trust to engage with media. It is a very new experience and I hope I got the message out for the Fellowship, my project and the Antarctic.



SCAR POLAR 2018 abstract submission

I have just submitted two abstracts for the SCAR POLAR 2018 conference in Davos, Switzerland, June 2018.

  •  How nations research, collect and communicate their Antarctic history (for session OC-3)
  • Whaling, claims and a doctoral thesis from 1940 (for session SH-3)

The deadline was extended until Sunday 12 November 6 pm CET.

Now: fingers’ crossed that they will be accepted as oral presentations.

POLAR 2018


Pre-report approved for the NZWCM Fellowship

Since last Friday the UC communication site published this UC press release.

The pre-report has been approved and now I have to wait until the money is on my account and then I can start the booking for my travel next year to do my research: “Frozen History: Researching, Collecting and Communicating Antarctic History” – I want to find out how other countries deal with their Antarctic History.



A historian in the Antarctic (2016)



NZ Winston Churchill Memorial Fellowship

I am very glad that I have been awarded the NZ Winston Churchill Memorial Fellowship. The Press release announced the recipients today.

My project has the title: Frozen History: Researching, Recording and Communicating Antarctic History

More details will be released soon.

Mount Erebus with clouds

Mt. Erebus December 2015

HASSEG video released

The HASSEG conference was held in Hobart in July 2017.  Now a video about the conference has been released.  I am in it with a part of my presentation Geographical Societies, mapping, and interests in the Antarctic (time in the video 13:29 – 14:15). This video gives a great overview of the content and the quality of the presentations.

Click on this link and the video should appear. Enjoy!


Antarctic, 2014 – an inspiration for my historical research

Exhibition in the EPS library

An exhibition in the EPS (Engineering Library University of Canterbury) is open since last week until the end of October. It promotes the Antarctic Collection which is on permanent loan at UC since 1999. Last weekend was the Season Opening and IceFest.

The display shows the history of the last 60 years in the Antarctic and New Zealand’s involvement in Antarctic science. The artwork is provided by Adele Jackson, an artist and Ph.D. candidate at Gateway Antarctica.  A handout gives more information to the display.

Christchurch is one of the 5 Gateway Cities

Gateway Antarctica is the research unit at the UC

Antarctic Collection holds valuable information (books, reports, etc.) on Antarctic expeditions and research events.

Antarctic History is important to understand the current situation in the Antarctic (from the first scientific/research events to the Antarctic Treaty and the current situation with new team players (e.g.: China, Korea, India, Malaysia) who are establishing stations in the Antarctic.

Come along and see the exhibition:

Oct 09
Oct 10
Oct 11
Oct 12
Oct 13
Oct 14
Oct 15
EPS 8am – 9pm 8am – 9pm 8am – 9pm 8am – 9pm 8am – 6pm 10am – 5pm 10am – 5pm
 Opening hours of the EPS library.

Display in the EPS library.

Some images from the Whaler’s Bay at Stewart Island

The artefacts left behind when the Whalers left in 1932 are still to see today. It is a heritage site and of great value for resesarcher of maritime history and for the history of whaling in the Southern Ocean.



Propellers from the ships on the shore



Part of an engine used at the base



Part of the slipway