Interview Radio NZ

Last week, Radio NZ asked for a comment on a request: what became of the nuclear fusion power station built in  Antarctica in 1960-ish?

UC Communication contacted me about it. See the link below and the snippes where to find it.

My sequence is from 1:17 – 1:57 minutes 🙂 – short but good.

40 seconds interview


ANTA 101, PCAS and Korea

ANTA101 is an online summer school course at UC. I am this year’s coordinator. It is the first time that I coordinate a university course and it is challenging but interesting at the same time. I delivered my own lecture for the course on Antarctic History at 29th November.

On 22nd November I delivered the lectures for PCAS. It was a really busy time in the last few month but I love teaching and research. So nothing to complain.

Next week I am on my way to Busan, South Korea. I have been invited by the organisers of the International Conference Arctic Vision 2017 _ICAV 2017.

At 15 December I will give my lecture on  Antarctic history in 35-40 minutes – this will be a challenge. I submitted already my slides to the organisers because they put them in a conference brochure. 14. December at 6 am is my flight to Korea and on 18. December I will be back in Christchurch – a very short stay but full of talks, meetings, and contacts. Networking is the key issue here.



The ship Deutschland in the ice 1912 (in: Filchner, Zum Sechsten Kontinent 1922)





U3A Ashburton

I gave a presentation to the U3A Ashburton today. Over 80 members were present. The topic was on “Social History in the Antarctic” and it was a really great response from the audience. Some even came forward to tell about there family connections with Antarctica. It was a great event.



Living in the tent at the Drygalski expedition 1901-1903



Radio Interview

Because I got the NZ Winston Churchill Memorial Fellowship I have been invited for an interview yesterday at the radio station: “Plain FM, Christchurch Now.”

radio interview

We are encouraged by the Trust to engage with media. It is a very new experience and I hope I got the message out for the Fellowship, my project and the Antarctic.


SCAR POLAR 2018 abstract submission

I have just submitted two abstracts for the SCAR POLAR 2018 conference in Davos, Switzerland, June 2018.

  •  How nations research, collect and communicate their Antarctic history (for session OC-3)
  • Whaling, claims and a doctoral thesis from 1940 (for session SH-3)

The deadline was extended until Sunday 12 November 6 pm CET.

Now: fingers’ crossed that they will be accepted as oral presentations.

POLAR 2018


Pre-report approved for the NZWCM Fellowship

Since last Friday the UC communication site published this UC press release.

The pre-report has been approved and now I have to wait until the money is on my account and then I can start the booking for my travel next year to do my research: “Frozen History: Researching, Collecting and Communicating Antarctic History” – I want to find out how other countries deal with their Antarctic History.



A historian in the Antarctic (2016)



NZ Winston Churchill Memorial Fellowship

I am very glad that I have been awarded the NZ Winston Churchill Memorial Fellowship. The Press release announced the recipients today.

My project has the title: Frozen History: Researching, Recording and Communicating Antarctic History

More details will be released soon.

Mount Erebus with clouds

Mt. Erebus December 2015