NZ Antarctic Society, Canterbury Branch

NZAS_logoI have just been elected as chair of the NZ Antarctic Society, Canterbury Branch. You can find us on Facebook here.   The New Zealand Antarctic Society was formed in 1933 and has branches in New Zealand’s main centres as well as an international membership. Except for a small recess during World War 2 it has been active throughout New Zealand since 1933. There are currently three active branches in New Zealand

  • Auckland
  • Wellington; and
  • Christchurch

Antarctic – Our journal
The society publishes four times a year our full colour journal (magazine style) which covers a wide range of Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic topics, including:

  • Articles cover a full range of international Antarctic and Subantarctic matters, including:
  • News from National Antarctic programmes;
  • Summary of Antarctic Treaty Meetings;
  • Restoration of historic sites;
  • Results from science projects;
  • Private expeditions;
  • Whaling, and fishing news;
  • Antarctic tourism;
  • Historical commentary and essays;
  • Book reviews; and
  • Tributes to those who have passed away.




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