Antarctica – Here I come

At 16th December it will happen. I am on the first flight (of two) to Scott Base. Last week the PCAS students and 3 tutors were 3 days in Cass for the field training and after that we had 2 days of intensive out door first aid training. We will do some field work in the Antarctic and I get already instructions for the radar and some other handy advice. I really hope to see the huts. As historian it is even a professional task to see them.


This is Filchner’s hut. It was in the Weddell Sea, so on the other side of the place where I will be, but I hope that our camp will not end up like this.


This happened because the hut was built on an iceberg which turned over, consequently this hut is on no conservation plan…fortunately no one was hurt and only one dog went missing.

Scott Base is at its place since 1957 and on solid ground, so I think this will not happen.


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