It is now only few days ago that we landed in Antarctica and already it feels like home at Scott Base. We had a lot of field training and had a walk over the pressure ridges. It is a lot of Health and Safety regulation in place, but as soon as one steps outside it is understandable, even when there is such a fine weather like now. It is 11:15 pm and it is bright and sunny. How the first explorer felt this is in their diaries, but I think it is not much different to each individual experience until today. This part of the world is fascinating beautiful and dangerous at the same time.

I have seen the TAE hut today (Transantarctic expedition, 1957 – 1959). Edmund Hillary started from here to the South Pole. Even when he had not intended it in the first place, he reached the Pole with his Ferguson Tractors and met Vivian Fuchs who made his way from the Weddell Sea.  Ernest Shackleton tried this in 1914 and failed because of the ice conditions and was trapped in the ice, lost his ship and saved all his men from the Weddell Sea party. Here in the Ross Sea waited his support party, laid depots for the party which should come from the Pole. The Ross Sea Party lost 3 men, but the survivor were rescued in 1917.


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