SCAR OSC 2016 Kuala Lumpur

Next year is the next SCAR Conference in Kuala Lumpur. I am convener of the SCAR 2016 Session S35 “Data access and sharing for cutting edge science”with four other conveners who are all from science. I am the only humanities researcher.

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Abstracts can be submitted until 14 February 2016. Find more details for abstract guidelines

Description for Session S 35

Data access and sharing for cutting edge science


Ursula Rack, Soon Gyu Hong, Anton Van de Putte, Camille Moreau, Robert Arko

The aim of the session is to bring together researchers and data custodians across disciplines. In a world where digital data is created at an ever-increasing pace, there is also a realisation that pre-digital data such as logbooks, diaries, and historic reports (e.g. weather, medical) from the Polar Regions contain important information at risk of being lost. Technology allows researchers to generate and share huge volumes of data, but even in digital form, research data remains at risk for loss. Researchers face the seemingly daunting task to collect, organise, share, and interpret their data. In this session we invite researchers and data custodians from all fields to share their challenges and accomplishment in discovering and disseminating data and to provide an opportunity to foster new ideas and attempts to achieve adequate research outcomes. We welcome topics in this session including: Introduction to new databases, new features in database, tools for data mining, tools and ideas to promote data sharing.

The session is open to researchers in the humanities, social sciences, earth sciences, geosciences, life sciences, physical sciences.


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