Scott Base

I am at Scott base. We arrived at 18th December. The next day was our field training and a walk through the pressure ridges.  It was fascinating as last year; all the formations of ice and the colours are amazing.

We had 7 nights in the filed. All went very well. We had a wonderful Christmas with Carol singing and good food and lots of fun and activities. The two days before Christmas  we were at Castle Rock for the geology project and seal counting. Two groups were formed for that which swapped then. The weather was fine most of the time and it was very interesting again.

Wolfgang did his glaciology project with lots of snow pits digging. A small group went out with him and installed a radar.

The last day in camp was occupied with cross country skiing and down hill skiing. That was great fun.

Since yesterday lunchtime we are back at base and all the de-mob (cleaning and putting back our gear we had in the field) is done. The students are now assigned to jobs at Scott Base. The last few days here are full with projects, visits to McMurdo, lectures and lots of impressions.

IMG_8630 (800x450)

My lecture on Polar History will be delivered at Friday. I have also time to teach social history at Discovery Hut. Three groups will be formed and I will stay for all three groups in the hut – from memory, this will require lots of hot drinks. It can be very cold there and it is unimaginable that the Ross Sea Party members (1915-1917) lived there for more then 2 month with only little supply. I had a little exercise with the students in the field on working with diaries. It went well and I was surprised that there was real interest. That will help when we see the huts and when I deliver the lecture.


IMG_8585 (800x450)

This is one of the sledges which Hillary used in the 1950s. It is still working today ….


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