Discovery Hut

Today I gave 3 tours in the Discovery Hut at Hut Point. It was very cold in there. It is hard to imagine how the Ross Sea Party members could live there for 2 month with the little equipment that was available to them, with the scurvy they endured during their long support sledge parties in 1915-16. We were all in our warm gear and were comfortably layered, but these men had only insufficient clothing, no heating and did not know if they would ever be rescued. Their achievements are not recognised enough and I hope I could make our students more aware that also others than Scott and Shackleton have endured hardships.



Discovery Hut 3 January 2016

This picture is from last year, this year there was much more in the hut. All the restored and preserved artefacts were back and the impressions were much more intense for me than last year. It was somewhat of familiar but also very new this year. I am really privileged with my second chance to see the hut.


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