Since 1 February I am a researcher at Gateway Antarctica. Via a subcontract with NIWA I am a part of the National Science Challenge (Deep South). I work with logbooks from the 1840s on. I have to assess them and look after detailed weather information. If the data is valuable I catalog the logbooks, describe them and have to decide if they go to the ACRE system where they are further processed to be available for weather models.


This is different to my usual work, because my focus is normally on diaries and the logbooks are only reference material for my research. I hand in – again – a new Marsden Fast Start proposal with the focus on the diaries of Antarctic expedition members from the Heroic Age on and look if their interactions, well-being,  and social environment is influenced by the harsh weather phenomena in the early days of exploring the “coldest, windiest and driest place on earth”.



Discovery Hut, 2016