Passagiere des Eises: [passengers of the ice: polar heroes and arctic discourse 1874]

This is a new publication of mine. In the latest Polar Journal I reviewed the book “Passagiere des Eises” by Schimanski und Spring. These two authors have a different approach to the homecoming of the expedition members in 1874. Not only the officers – who were the scientists as well – were examined also the role of the crew was considered. The whole media hype was about the microcosm of this expedition as mirror to the Austro-Hungarian Empire; the crew (mainly from Dalmatia) pictured as the devoted subject to the officers (mainly from Bohemia, Hungary, Germany/Austria). The hierarchy on board the ship Tegetthoff as image of the Empire which was already crumbling under the national, economic and political circumstances.

The book is an interesting read and because this expedition is a part of my PhD, it was very inspiring to review it.

The picture is a great example to show the heroism even in its worst situation: the desperate men, the strong leader, the light effects. The original picture is in the Museum of Military History (Heersgeschichtliche Museum) in Vienna. Julius von Payer, one of the leaders (army officer, cartographer, and artist) of the expedition painted it in 1892.


Nie zurück,HGM Ausstell

Nie zurueck: never go back: to the ship – we have to move forward otherwise we will not survive.


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