SCAR – abstracts accepted

Busy times are ahead: I am not only a convenor for the SCAR session S 35 Data Access and Sharing for Cutting Edge Science, I will also present my  research at two sessions:

  • MSo5: SCAR and COMNAP fellowship symposium: One historian, one hundred logbooks and an historic weather data rescue: a new approach in cutting edge science
  • S 34 Footprints in Antarctica, and Antarctic’s footprint: perspectives from history: Our conception of Antarctica today through the lives of early explorers.

I am very pleased that my abstracts have been accepted this time as orals and were not converted to posters as it was done in the years before.

The COMNAP presentation is a very important one to me because I was the first Humanities researcher who was awarded with the CONMAP research fellowship in 2012. This is now the opportunity  to present what  the outcome was and is of this research fellowship. It was the beginning of what I am still working on and what lead to my participation in the Deep South National Science Challenge where I work now with logbooks.

The Humanities session gives me the opportunity to present also German and Austro-Hungarian  Antarctic explorers and how their lives were influenced after their first visit in this challenging environment. It also formed our perception of Antarctica today.

I am looking forward to the presentations. The conference is held in Kuala Lumpur in August 2016.


logbook, Dallmann, 1873


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