Book launch – Worsley enchanted

The book launch was a success! 20 people were there on a cold, windy and rainy evening, but it was a great atmosphere at the Naval Point Club in Lyttelton. Our treasurer, John (see picture) introduced Sue who lead through the evening. Lynda from the Akaroa Museum introduced the “young Frank Worsley”and Sue presented the journey in 1914-1917, especially the boat journey from Elephant Island to South Georgia. A great account to read next to the poem is “The great Antarctic Rescue. Shackleton’s Boat Journey” by Frank Worlsey himself. Even the title shows that Worsley kept Shackleton’s legacy alive and put himself in the background. The poem is a great way to give Worsley the credit he deserves.

18 Copies were sold and people not only like the poem, they love the line drawings by Myra Walton what ” brings the story very much alive” (quote of a buyer).


Worsley enchanted


Frank Worsley

A poem with the title  “Worlsey enchanted” was published by Douglas Stewart in 1948. It tells the story of the epic journey from Elephant Island to South Georgia  1914-1917. The Antarctic Society has republished the book with beautiful line drawings by Myra Walton (Secretary of the National Council of the Society).

A book launch is organised by the Canterbury Branch of the Antarctic Society at

Naval Point Club, Lyttelton, Dampier Bay

Thursday, 26th may 2016, 5:30 – 7pm

Book price: $ 15 (Cash bar available).


Somerfield School

Thanks to Angus (in the picture left with the book) and Ethan (on the right), 2 bright year 5 pupils from Somerfield School, Christchurch, I had the opportunity to talk about Antarctic history.

IMG_1095 - Copy

I was invited by the pupils and their teachers to give them information on Robert Falcon Scott for their project on leadership and heroes. Scott is their first character they work on, but I have seen some other heroes on their pin board such as Edmund Hillary. It would be interesting what they find out about him. I got also an certificate as thank you for my presentation. The children were already well prepared what they wanted to know. They collected their thoughts on a mind map and I am glad that my presentation matched their expectation.


77 children participated, were communicative and had very interesting questions. It was inspiring.

It was a great event with wonderful young people.


IMG_1098 - Copy

Recovery Centre -video

On Wednesday was the premier of the video on the three year Recovery Centre:

Recovery Centre Video

We had a very lovely function at the Wigram Museum (Air Force Museum) here in Christchurch. The video is a bit longer than 8 minutes and shows what the Museum has done for us societies and museums which were homeless after the earthquakes in 2010 and 2011. 38 organisations found a home for three years for their collections. The items were  assessed, cleaned, cataloged, restored, and packed. The Recovery Centre gave us all a break even when most of us worked so hard voluntarily to save our collections. We had access to workshops which will help us to look after our artifacts in the future. Many of our organisations have no new home yet, but each day we come a step closer to a new place.

The director of the museum, Therese Angelo, initiated the Recovery Centre and it is the first centre of its kind internationally. Maybe it is a model for the future when a disaster strikes of any kind to save cultural goods and help in that way to keep history alive and our knowledge of our ancestors.

After the presentation we had a discussion how we will proceed further and I think we are in the process of a new development. We want to stay in contact and hope to get further help to look properly after our collections and get trained in skills which many of us have never encountered before.

I personally was involved in two organisations. The NZ Antarctic Society had the collection there and the Lyttelton Historical Museum Society is still working on their collection and it will be stored there for the next few years until our museum is built – hopefully soon.


IMG_8643 (800x450)

Discovery Hut (2016) – historic artifacts restored would be normally be in a museum but is in the hut in the Antarctic where it survived over 100 years



Marsden Fast Start missed out – again

Unfortunately I did not get the chance to hand in a full proposal for the Marsden Fast Start 2016. Many of my friends missed also the second round. It is almost impossible to get near to the funding. Only few privileged researcher get the chance to continue or start a new project. Last year I was close when I reached the second round, but after 5 years of constant rejected/unsuccessful applications for this fund I will end it here.

A big Thank You goes to all my supporters (morally and professionally).