NSC Deep South

I submitted my report for the NSC DS. I assessed 46500 images of logbooks, registers, and correspondence to gather weather information. The oldest logbook was from 1770 and the youngest from 1887. The material was partly very poor quality what made the reading challenging. However, there was some information useful for the project. It was an interesting research. I assessed many convict ships on their way to Australia. Gives one an interesting insight of populating the continent by the Europeans.

The next stage is the search for more logbooks here in NZ. Some archives, museums and libraries have material but many I contacted have no logbooks in their collections. That means: searching harder to find what we need.

One little example of the images I worked with:



Antarctic Society MWD – Canterbury Branch

Last week was marked by the MWD. We had almost 60 guests, a wonderful presentation about the restoration work at Cape Adare and lots of good food and inspiring chats all around. the MWD (Mid-Winter-Dinner) goes back to Scott’s times and is a highlight in the Society calendar.

Lizzie Meek was not only the presenter of the evening, she also received the Conservation Trophy from the Antarctic Society. This trophy is an award for the commitment and passion from individuals for conserving the Antarctic with all its treasures – including the restoration of the historic huts. It was a pleasure for me to hand over the trophy to Lizzie.


The conservation trophy, Lizzie Meek and me – current chair of the Ant.Soc Canterbury Branch