Public talks on the double

This week was a busy one. I gave two talks on Antarctica and my time as tutor for PCAS.

The first one was on Monday evening at the Rotary Club in Halswell. It was a nice location and the women are doing a great community work what I could learn during their meeting. Lots of questions came from the podium and three women even heard the talk already and  were still excited. The greatest compliment I got was from one woman: “That was interesting and I have the feeling I have been there after your presentation.”

The second one was on Wednesday evening at the Embroiderers Guild

The members are very talented and it was a great pleasure to see their work. I am a embroiderer, knitter, and quilter myself and so it was really interesting what can be done with threat and needle. My talk was then not only about my time as tutor in the Antarctic, I have shown the members also my work what was inspired by the Antarctic.

Thank you to all the clubs, societies and associations who invited me. It was all the time a great experience to learn about other activities which are going on here in Christchurch and also to share my passion for the Antarctic with them.


This is my new, unfinished, quilt. I learned the technique at the Christchurch Quilters Retreat at a two days class with  Sophie Wood