Conferences – looking back

Since end of August I attended two conferences and one of them was SCAR in Kuala Lumpur. I had the chance in the mini-symposium MS05 to talk about my COMNAP fellowship. That was a great success because about the concept of the mini-symposium all the participants could attend it and so I had the biggest audience ever. After the talk came encouraging comments from the audience.

Another interesting experience was chairing the data sharing session on Monay. On Wednesday was a joined meeting between the Humanities and Social Science Expert groups. Intense discussions were going on and the new joined meeting in Hobart in July 2017 was introduced.

On the last day of the conference I was the second last speaker of the history session. I was pleased with the outcome of my talk – even with technical hassles I could finish in time.


This week was the Historic Antarctic Sealing Conference in Cambridge, UK. It was a fine conference were all the presentations were very interesting, informative and inspiring. Lots of discussions were going on and it is a very intense topic with far richer research than one would think at the first glance. On the second day was a great dinner in Jesus College. During the conference was also the opening of the Exhibition “Deep Freeze”.

Side programs were a visit at BAS (British Antarctic Survey) Archives and a trip to Ironbridge. What a wonderful day that was with all the historic information from a very inspiring tour guide and a lovely Afternoon Tea in a private home.




Ironbridge, late 18th century – still standing

Between the conferences I was working in the archives of SPRI

There were also meetings and helping in the background and lots of reading, transcribing and researching.