Finding weather information

I am working hard to find weather records from logbooks for the National Science Challenge, Deep South project.

I am looking for: Lighthouses in New Zealand, Supply ships to Antarctica from the 1950s onward, catch books from fishery and whaling and sealing logbooks from the 1850s on, and Coast-watch logbooks. However, it seems nothing is around from these sort of sources here in New Zealand. I already started the search in archives and museums here in NZ, but nothing did show up so far.

If someone reads this and has an idea where I could look further, please, let me know and contact me under:






Te Waka Unua Primary School and the Antarctic Environment

On 31 October, I gave two lectures at the Te Waka Unua Primary School. They are working on an Antarctic environmental project and one teacher, Linley, invited me to speak to 7-9 year old pupils. Each group had 50 children and it was amazing how disciplined they have been. The children were lovely and had really good questions after I have shown them some slides and items I brought along. The teachers were also very impressed from the information I delivered. They want me back to work with them on their project and assess the work they have done. The children work hard for that project. To get more fun into their work there is a visit planned tomorrow at Antarctica NZ Attraction Centre. They will love it because they are very energetic and bright.


Children love the cuddly seals and the funny penguins 🙂