Book review published

A book review is published since this week in SIBIRICA  vol 70 no 2 (2017) pp221-222.

I reviewed the book from Enrico Mazzoli: “Carl Weyprecht and the International Polar Year”. It was interesting and I liked¬† to work on it and it reminded me on my PhD thesis when I worked through all the archive material in Vienna.



Carl Weyprecht

Public Outreach

At 1 June I gave a talk at the Redwood Garden Club. This group was very nice and I learned a lot about roses and other garden matters. Many were really interested in the topic and I was glad to answer all sorts of questions after the talk on living in the Antarctic.

On 14 June I will give another presentation at the Shirley Ladies Club and on 12 July at the Rotary Club (men only). That will be very interesting.