Hobart – Tasmanian Archives

I am working in the Tasmanian Archives in Hobart and got already good material for the NSC-DS. I take pictures from the documents and the people here in the Archives are very helpful and very friendly. I am lucky to get so much freedom to fulfill my contract for the NSC-DS. Some of the lighthouse logbooks are not complete and are copies from the original but there is lots of information on wind and clouds. Unfortunately, there are no entries for pressure, etc. As I said, these are only copies – but the best I could get so far.

The rest of the week is the same work on the agenda – hope it goes smooth as the last few days.



Book review published

A book review is published since this week in SIBIRICA  vol 70 no 2 (2017) pp221-222.

I reviewed the book from Enrico Mazzoli: “Carl Weyprecht and the International Polar Year”. It was interesting and I liked¬† to work on it and it reminded me on my PhD thesis when I worked through all the archive material in Vienna.



Carl Weyprecht

Public Outreach

At 1 June I gave a talk at the Redwood Garden Club. This group was very nice and I learned a lot about roses and other garden matters. Many were really interested in the topic and I was glad to answer all sorts of questions after the talk on living in the Antarctic.

On 14 June I will give another presentation at the Shirley Ladies Club and on 12 July at the Rotary Club (men only). That will be very interesting.