Current Projects and Funding

  • Travel Grant: Trans-Antarctic-Association for the SCAR POLAR2018 conference in Davos, Switzerland. Lead convenor and chair of the Session SH-8 “Data science for polar environments – discovery, rescue and mining”
  • New Zealand Winston Churchill Memorial Fellowship – Frozen History: how different countries research, collect and communicate their Antarctic history
  • National Science Challenge – Deep South – historic weather data in logbooks in the Southern Ocean – 1 February 2016 – 30  September 2017
  • Travel Grants for the SCAR OSC in Kuala Lumpur from NZARI 2016 and the Trans-Antarctic Association
  • COMNAP fellowship 2012-2013, Reconstructing historic Antarctic climate data from logbooks and diaries of the Heroic era
  • Travel Grants from the Trans-Antarctic Association, 2012 – 2017
  • Special travel-award of the New Zealand Federation of Graduate Women in 2013 for the SCAR workshop on Polar History and Social Science in Cambridge, UK (1-5 July 2013)

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