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I am a polar historian, specialised in social and environmental history

Merid’s Ladies Club talk




Human footprint in the Antarctic


The ladies at the Merid’s Ladies Club invited me again to talk about my quilting and the quilt exhibition at Scott Base in 2015/16 when I was down with the PCAS course. The ladies were very interested and had many questions about the Antarctic even when I gave a talk at this club half a year ago on that topic. It was great to see that my presentation left an impression on them and was still a matter of interest. It was a great feeling to see them so enthusiastic about the quilts and the Antarctic.



Nature – Antarctic



Winston Churchill Fellowship

I did it again: I submitted an application for the Winston Churchill Fellowship. It was yesterday a bit a struggle with the online form but I did it. After weeks of hard work, as always,  lots of thinking and communicating I had the ideas sorted and could submit. Tomorrow is the deadline for the Fellowship. At the end of October, or beginning of November, the lucky ones will be announced. So fingers’ crossed that I will be amongst them. If I should get awarded, I will tell more about it and what the next steps are.

Portrait of Winston Churchill. (taken from the webpage)

Two new publications online

The book review on “Deutsche in der Antarktis: Expeditionen und Forschungen vom Kaiserreich bis heute” by Cornelia Luedecke and the report on the “Historic Antarctic Sealing Industry Conference” which was held in Cambridge in September last year are now published in The Polar Journal, 7:1 92017). The review is located on pages 244-247 and the report on pages 253-255. Last time when I put in the Doi it was blocked by the publisher. I hope you can find it when you look after it.


Greetings from a Weddell seal – at my first trip to the Antarctic 2014/2015 with PCAS


Mentor for APECS seminar

The organisers of the APECS seminar at the HASSEG workshop in Hobart invited me as mentor to encourage young researcher to apply for a COMNAP or SCAR research fellowship. I have been the first history/humanities researcher who received a COMNAP research fellowship in 2012.


I am in the very middle at the table – as mentor for the APECS seminar at the HASSEG workshop in Hobart (4 July 2017)

Presentation at the Cashmere Rotary Club

I have been invited by the Cashmere Rotary Club, Christchurch, to give a talk on my time as tutor with PCAS in the Antarctic. It was “word of mouth” advertising because one of the members heard that my presentations are great. I did not disappoint regarding to the response what was really great.

At first I got introduced, then we had an excellent meal, and after some proceedings for the club I gave my presentation. Thanks to Antarctica New Zealand I could show some of the gear we use down in the ice – that never fails.

Even with the wintry weather yesterday evening, 36 members of the club attended (45 people are members of this branch).


HASSEG Conference in Hobart

The HASSEG workshop started with an APECS workshop on 4 July in Hobart. I have been invited to act as mentor for one of the sessions: applying for research funding for the COMNAP Research Fellowship. In this group we were 3 mentors: Alan Hemmings who is reviewing applications, one successful SCAR applicant and me. The discussion was good and the interested young researcher will be – hopefully – one of the successful applicants for the future.  The COMNAP fellowship was a great starting point for me personally what lead into the work I am doing now for the NSC-DS.


Lighthouse logbooks with important weather information for the NSC-DS project.