ANTA 101 course coordination has finished

My contract as course coordinator for ANTA 101 is finished since 21 December 2017; however, there was still the marking, student contact emails and administration to do what will finish by the end of this week. It was an interesting experience and I learned very much about the background of a course and problem solving during the course.

I am glad that I had this opportunity.



Working hard in the Antarctic to adapt the experience to the teaching at UC, Antarctic 2015




Kiwi Christmas

Merry Christmas and a happy new year wish you all


After a very busy but fascinating year, I am looking forward to the break to relax and coming back with strength for the upcoming events such as the NZ Winston Churchill Memorial Fellowship, SCAR POLAR 2018, ANTA courses, more publications, public talks and much more what is already on my to-do-list for 2018.

Korea ICAV 2017

On 14 December, I was on the way to Busan, Korea. I have been invited to speak at the International Conference on Arctic Vision 2017 (ICAV). The subtheme was: When Arctic meets Antarctica. I delivered a presentation on the Antarctic history (15 December). I learned a lot at the conference and very much about the culture because there were lunches and dinners what gave me the opportunity to talk to the people and learn about their research, way of life and many other interesting aspects of Korea.

The next day there was the meeting with the senior curator of the Maritime Museum, Mr. Lee Sang-Hyun. The building is newly built (5 years old) and the exhibited themes are very interesting and well presented. Miranda (from ARA and the other participant from New Zealand) and Sophie (one of the 6 students who participated in the exchange program with the PCAS course program) and I, spent 3 hours in total in the Museum with the curator and the tour-guide. Since June 2017 is a Memorandum of Understanding in place between Busan and Christchurch for collaboration between the museums, culture, and science. Mr. Lee Sang-Hyun is planning a new exhibition about the Antarctic and discussed his ideas to pass it on to our Canterbury Museum. I hope the exhibition will be a success.

I spent two interesting and productive days in Korea. I am grateful for this opportunity.

On Monday at lunchtime, I was home again and continued my work for ANTA 101.



Miranda, Sophie and me at the conference venue after the presentations (15 December 2017)


Interview Radio NZ

Last week, Radio NZ asked for a comment on a request: what became of the nuclear fusion power station built in  Antarctica in 1960-ish?

UC Communication contacted me about it. See the link below and the snippes where to find it.

My sequence is from 1:17 – 1:57 minutes 🙂 – short but good.

40 seconds interview

ANTA 101, PCAS and Korea

ANTA101 is an online summer school course at UC. I am this year’s coordinator. It is the first time that I coordinate a university course and it is challenging but interesting at the same time. I delivered my own lecture for the course on Antarctic History at 29th November.

On 22nd November I delivered the lectures for PCAS. It was a really busy time in the last few month but I love teaching and research. So nothing to complain.

Next week I am on my way to Busan, South Korea. I have been invited by the organisers of the International Conference Arctic Vision 2017 _ICAV 2017.

At 15 December I will give my lecture on  Antarctic history in 35-40 minutes – this will be a challenge. I submitted already my slides to the organisers because they put them in a conference brochure. 14. December at 6 am is my flight to Korea and on 18. December I will be back in Christchurch – a very short stay but full of talks, meetings, and contacts. Networking is the key issue here.



The ship Deutschland in the ice 1912 (in: Filchner, Zum Sechsten Kontinent 1922)





U3A Ashburton

I gave a presentation to the U3A Ashburton today. Over 80 members were present. The topic was on “Social History in the Antarctic” and it was a really great response from the audience. Some even came forward to tell about there family connections with Antarctica. It was a great event.



Living in the tent at the Drygalski expedition 1901-1903



Radio Interview

Because I got the NZ Winston Churchill Memorial Fellowship I have been invited for an interview yesterday at the radio station: “Plain FM, Christchurch Now.”

radio interview

We are encouraged by the Trust to engage with media. It is a very new experience and I hope I got the message out for the Fellowship, my project and the Antarctic.